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Virtuoso Wanderlist

Similar to how a financial advisor helps you maximize your return on your money, Virtuoso Wanderlist helps you maximize your return on your leisure time.

Wanderlist is a travel planning system that captures all the ideas on your bucket list, compares it with your spouse's or other travel companions, and organizes them, with my expert insight, into a clear plan for your next five years of adventures.

While a Virtuoso travel advisor can help you plan trips, Wanderlist is a travel portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most—a clear path to mapping out your future travel possibilities.

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How does wanderlist work?

Curate  - Places- Wanderlist


We’ll guide you on a virtual walk around the world to help you (and your spouse, kids or other travel companions) discover you travel dreams and get clarity on what you really want from your travel experiences. You’ll be able to choose the destinations and experiences that most interest you, and your family members will have the chance to do the same. We’ll also capture important milestones - birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and other events that may impact your travel planning. And also your important travel preferences for class of air travel and hotel or villa accommodations.

Client - Key Findings - Interest Overview


Once the curation is completed by you and your family members, we’ll schedule a Deep Dive Consultation to go over your selection and start mapping out possible trips for you. We’ll discuss how your travel choices overlap with your travel companions and at the end of that meeting we will identify the next 4-5 destinations and tentative dates for your trips. 

Advisor Portal - Trip Sequence


Then we’ll have another meeting where we’ll present your travel portfolio (via zoom or in person). Your travel portfolio includes budgets, recommended country combinations to save on airfare, and activity ideas for the next 4-5 trips. You’ll have access to this information in a printed portfolio as well as online in your Wanderlist portal. As the recommended lead time for planning each trip approaches, we’ll be in touch to get you started with finalizing dates and presenting detailed itineraries for each trip. 



What your kids dream about might surprise you. I had all of my kids participate in Wanderlist. For my youngest daughter two top picks emerged - Disney and Thailand. My advisor asked me “Disney is pretty obvious, but why do you think she chose Thailand?” I had no idea. Then it dawned on me. We have a honeymoon picture of us with elephants hanging on our wall. I never knew this photo quietly impacted my daughter. Needless to say we will be creating new memories with HER in Thailand!”

After all these years, I had no idea. My wife and I were intrigued by the idea of comparing our travel interests. After 24 years of marriage we should have a pretty good idea, right? Well, there were surprises. In a good way. While we were talking with our advisor, my wife was reminiscing about the time she spent in France during college. I had no idea Paris held such special meaning for her. So guess what we did for our 25th Anniversary?”

Give them the world. I was struggling to find a gift for my parents who don’t need more “stuff.” I had encouraged them to travel but their “busy” routine always seemed to get in the way. After learning about Wanderlist, I knew it would be the perfect motivation for them. They were skeptical at first, but quickly became re-energized by all the possibilities. I just hope they don’t spend my entire inheritance. Then again, you can’t put a price on memories.”