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What to Pack When Planning a Trip to Miami Florida

Do you have your sights set on a tropical paradise like Miami for this year’s vacation? Our last blog post talked about things to do while in Miami, Florida and here's some more tips for visiting this great, USA city. Regardless of your taste or interest, there’s bound to be something in Miami which grabs your fancy.

What should you wear while visiting Miami? Here's a list of the clothes to pack for your trip to help make it even better than you would expect. This list covers what you’ll need for a great vacation to sunny Miami, Florida:

  • Casual Clothes – Since the bulk of your vacation will probably compose of sightseeing, casual clothes will probably be your staple kind of clothes. Wear them during the warm daytime, when you’re out sight-seeing or taking a break and having a simple lunch. Miami being a casual city means you can get away with wearing almost anything.


  • Sunglasses – In a city where the sun doesn’t shy away from roasting the beach sands with golden rays, sunglasses could very well be armor for your eyes. At any time of the year the sun in Miami is perpetually bright, so bring along sunglasses to counter that.


  • Classy Clothes – There are places that require more taste and more refinement than jeans and a t-shirt. Say you want to go to a dinner for a blind date or just have fun with your friends; you’ll want to remember to bring something classy to wear.
  • Clothes for Night Clubs - What’s a trip to Miami if you don’t enter its famed nightclubs? You only need to know this about Miami’s nightclubs: When you dress, do so to impress!


We understand that not all of you are very fashion conscious, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you do need someone to give you ideas as to whether you should wear a pair of jeans here or a tank top there, Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is here to help you.

As a travel agency, and as you would expect, handling stuff like this is our passion. We’ve satisfied countless clients and we guarantee you that same level of satisfaction should you enlist our services. Why not give us a call and let’s talk about your next trip to Miami, Florida.

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