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What is Virtuoso Wanderlist®?

The NEW Way to Plan Your Travel and Maximize Your Return on Life

Virtuoso Wanderlist® membership helps you make the time to take the trips you need to take to rejuvenate and connect with your family by creating a curated travel planning portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most. This is the key having epic vacations and maximizing your most important non-renewable asset–your time. And it’s attainable only through Virtuoso Wanderlist®.

How Virtuoso Wanderlist® Different?

First, I want you to look at the photo below.


It’s the Virtuoso Wanderlist® travel portfolio I created for me and my husband, and it’s filled with our travel plans and future adventures.

Instead of doing what most people do, and planning one trip at a time, we sat down with one of my colleagues and he created a curated travel portfolio for us that maps out a clear path to fulfilling everything on our bucket lists.

Virtuoso Wanderlist® is the ONLY travel planning service that takes you and your family’s travel interests, pairs it with our expert travel knowledge, and delivers a curated travel portfolio with your next 3-5 years of travel mapped out for you.

What Does Wanderlist Do For You?

Virtuoso Wanderlist®, offered by Roux Luxury Travel, is a unique consulting service that turns travel dreams into reality through the creation of a strategic plan—called a travel portfolio. Much like wealth advisors manage investment portfolios, Wanderlist advisors manage an equally important asset—our leisure time.

This exclusive service marries “Netflix-style” technology with the deep expertise of a travel advisor.

Wanderlist® helps travelers achieve their dreams and live a life filled with anticipation and special memories.

Wanderlist® also offers a unique budget forecasting tool for travel, a valuable asset to wealth advisors when creating client financial plans.

“We did some exploration into the notion of bucket lists and found that 75 percent of people’s lists are made up of two things: places they want to go and experiences they want to have,” said Matthew D. Upchurch, Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso. “So, we set off to build a system that allowed advisors to create a better framework for their clients’ travel wish lists. If a bucket list is what people want to do before they die, a Wanderlist focuses them on how they want to live.”

What Our Clients Say About Wanderlist

When we started engaging in this process with our clients, amazing stories emerged.

thailand-997410_1280What your kids dream about might surprise you. I had all of my kids participate in Wanderlist. For my youngest daughter two top picks emerged - Disney and Thailand. My advisor asked me “Disney is pretty obvious, but why do you think she chose Thailand?” I had no idea. Then it dawned on me. We have a honeymoon picture of us with elephants hanging on our wall. I never knew this photo quietly impacted my daughter. We will be creating new memories with HER in Thailand!”


Tourist sitting in front of Notre Dame of Paris CathedralAfter all these years, I had no idea. My wife and I were intrigued by the idea of comparing our travelinterests. After 24 years of marriage we should have a pretty good idea, right? Well, there were surprises. In a good way. While we were talking with our advisor, my wife was reminiscing about the time she spent in France during college. I had no idea Paris held such special meaning for her. So guess what we did for our 25th Anniversary?”


couple-and-penguins-in-antarctica-1024x682Give them the world. I was struggling to find a gift for my parents who don’t need more “stuff.” I had encouraged them to travel but their “busy” routine always seemed to get in the way. After learning about Wanderlist, I knew it would be the perfect motivation for them. They were skeptical at first, but quickly became re-energized by all the possibilities. I just hope they don’t spend my entire inheritance. Then again, you can’t put a price on memories.” 

What’s Holding You Back from Amazing Vacations?

I know you may be skeptical. You may think you’re perfectly capable of planning your family’s vacations yourself and you don’t need this service.

But if you’ve ever returned from a trip and felt somehow dissatisfied by the experience, know that this NOT your fault.

If you took your family on a vacation that half of them didn’t enjoy, it’s NOT your fault.

The real problem is that you’re planning your trips one at a time, with little thought to seasonality, future trips, and important family milestones. And when you try to travel as a group or with your family, one person ends up taking over the planning, and the rest go along with little input.

But this is not your fault. It's just a side effect of the current state of the travel industry. Cruise lines, tour companies, and most of the online travel agencies are just trying to sell you a trip. They're not looking at the big picture, they just want you to book something now.

You’re bombarded by deals and information from all angles, but how do you know who to trust?

And how do you know if the deal you booked is actually a great value?

No one is out there looking out for your best interests.

And while technology makes it super easy to book simple travel arrangements, it doesn’t help you if you’re one of those travelers who is looking for a special trip, priceless memories, or an exciting adventure.

The giant online travel agencies don’t care about your vacation; they just you to book something now, and the sooner the better.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Sign Up for a Virtuoso Wanderlist® Membership.

We all know life is short.

And your most important non-renewable resource isn't money, it's your time.

You can always make more money, but you can’t get your leisure time back.

Those moments you spend with your loved ones on family vacations are often the peak moments you remember and reminisce about.

Kids grow up, go to college, get married, and move away.

And that family safari you dreamed of taking them on becomes impossible to plan because of careers and other obligations.

Or maybe you dreamed of going to Antarctica and hiking across the ice with the penguins, but you waited too long and now have difficulty with long hikes.

So, you either make your travel dreams a priority and create a plan for making them come true or you risk missing out on those wonderful memories.

So, are you going to keep waiting to make your travel dreams happen? Or will you take action now while you still can?

 So now is the perfect time to get in.

Why Listen to Me?

When I started traveling, before I worked in the travel industry, I thought I knew how to travel.

I read Rick Steves books, and Lonely Planet guides, did my research on Trip advisor, and booked everything online.

My husband and I enjoyed some fun vacations. And we thought we knew a lot.

Because I love travel, I started a travel agency, hoping to turn my passion into a career.

And as I learned about the world of travel and traveled more, I realized that those early trips could have been so much better. 

  • I learned how to arrange special amenities at hotels.
  • How to secure room upgrades.
  • The value of the uniformed driver waiting for you at the airport with a Mercedes to whisk you to your hotel after a long overnight flight.
  • The secret to traveling for 20% less, without compromising on quality, by engaging in some strategic planning
  • How to make sure every trip itinerary delights everyone in your family
  • When is it worth it to pay more for an upgrade or a private guide?

My Wanderlist® members get to work with a travel professional who knows the ins and outs of all of this.

How Does Wanderlist Work?

First, you (and your travel companions) will curate your travel interests in an immersive walk around the world, including destinations and trip styles, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Next, you enter a unique customized Netflix-style portal, where through videos, music, stories and other information you can explore over 160 places and over 1,500 experiences tailored to your specific interests.

Finally, I will review your results, compare preferences and interests, and present your proposed travel plan for the next three to five years in a portfolio you can access online, and in book form.

Wanderlist modernizes the workflow, too, by notifying me in advance when it's time to plan the next trip. This helps us get you the best availability and pricing for the best lodging, tours, and cruises. The system also informs me of the optimal travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules; and facilitates increased communication with you, including quarterly check-ins.

The long-range travel planning approach facilitated by Wanderlist will save you time and money by organizing your future travels over a 3-5-year horizon, instead of booking each trip one by one.  By implementing this planning process, you'll save 20-25% on your travel. 

How Do You Get Started?

Your initial annual subscription to Wanderlist is $2,495. (Payment plans are available if you'd like to make monthly or quarterly payments.) 

If you travel at least twice a year, the 20-25% savings you'll realize by following our planning recommendations will more than pay for the annual subscription.

What’s Included in Your Virtuoso Wanderlist Package

Online Portal

  • Customized portals for each traveler.
  • Linked results to compare common interests.
  • Explore over 160 destinations.
    • Watch videos. Listen to music. Read stories.
    • Discover new experiences tailored to your interests.
    • Discover new experiences tailored to your interests.
    • Find out the best times to visit.
    • Get lost for hours exploring our world.
    • Accessible by phone, tablet, and computer.

Advisory Services

  • Work with a certified portfolio guide
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and alerts
    • Time to plan the next trip
    • Favorable savings opportunities
    • Curated stories and ideas
    • Safety notifications
    • Quarterly check-ins and annual review
  • Access to expert travel advisors to assist with trips.
  • All travel planning fees waived for up to 3 trips per year (a $1500 value)

Report Analytics & Tools

  • Traveler DNA snapshots
  • Side-by-side traveler comparison charts:
    • Places in common
    • Interests in common
    • Travel preferences in common
    • Top 5 places and interests
  • Savings analysis
  • Calendar scheduling tools

Advisor Recommendations

  • Review, share and interpret traveler results.
  • Map out future travel possibilities.
  • Identify best travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules.
  • Share savings opportunities.
  • Forecast future travel investment levels.
  • Present online and handcrafted Travel Portfolio book.
  • Adjust the plan as life needs change. 

Virtuoso Travel Privileges

  • Virtuoso Hotel Privileges—Available in over 1,000 luxury hotels. Privileges may include daily breakfast for two, $100 spa, dining or shopping credits, upgrade on arrival, and upgrade at the time of booking at 75+ hotels.
  • Virtuoso Cruise Privileges - Available on over 500 sailings. Choice of shipboard credits, private car & driver or exclusive shore event.
  • Complimentary subscription to the award-winning Virtuoso Life magazine.
  • Complimentary Virtuoso Best of The Best book.

Are You Still Reading?

I’ve shown you how you can maximize your return on life with Virtuoso Wanderlist.

You now see how this service helps you have better travel experiences and create more memorable moments with your friends and family.

If you’re still reading, know that the Virtuoso Wanderlist is not for everyone. And not everyone who applies gets accepted because we want to make sure it’s a good fit for you before we let you into it. The process is simple, just schedule a call with us to discuss Wanderlist® and get your questions answered.

This program is best for travelers who take 2-3 trips per year and who are looking for new places to explore.

Annual Wanderlist® membership costs $2,495, and there’s a guarantee that fully covers you if you decide it’s not for you.

Now it’s time for a decision and you have 3 options:

  1. Do nothing and stay exactly where you are now. If you’re happy with the way you travel and plan your trips, and you’re not interested in learning how you could save 20-25% without sacrificing quality or luxury by using our Wanderlist® planning process, then maybe you don’t need this. 
  2. Do it yourself. You can try to do all of this yourself. You can research destinations, pricing, and options. You can survey your family members yourself, and you can call the hotels yourself to try to VIP yourself. And if you put in the time, you might be able to do this yourself.
  3. Let us do the heavy lifting with the Virtuoso Wanderlist®. I’ll work with you to create your personalized travel portfolio that hits all the places on your bucket list, keeps you on track and on budget, and makes your travel dreams happen. Plus, you’ll get all the bonuses described above.

So, ask yourself, what will be the best option for you?

There are 2 types of people in this world, those who dream about adventures and those who make their adventures happen by taking action.

Since you’ve made it this far, I think you’re one of the few serious about maximizing their return on life. If this is you, just click below and schedule a free Wanderlist® consultation call with me. There's no obligation to purchase anything, the call is just a chance for us to get acquainted and see if Wanderlist® is a good fit for you and your family. 

Schedule a Call to Learn More About Wanderlist

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