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Unique and Amazing Places to See in Bosnia And Herzegovina

When searching for the perfect place for a vacation, especially if you're a wine-lover, the obvious step to take will be to consider wine, cuisine and fun-laden vacation spots. Bosnia and Herzegovina in Southeastern Europe offers a range of activities and great cuisines that will make your vacation an enjoyable one. Roux Luxury Travel from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can attest to just how This place is a good vacation spot that you cannot afford to miss visiting.

There are so many things to see in Bosnia and Herzegovina and even more things to experience. Here are a few things to do and places to visit in this wonderful place that will make your vacation more interesting and enjoyable.

· Kravica Waterfall

Kravica Waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is quite close to the Croatian border and a visit to this place will definitely make your trip more special. You do not want to miss visiting this beautiful waterfall.

· Travnik

This is a beautiful city located at the center of the country. There are a lot of interesting things to see in this city like the unique colorful mosque and the two clock towers. Travnik is also said to have the best Cavapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

· Cevapi

This is considered a national dish in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a grilled dish made of minced meat and kebab. It is usually made of pork, beef or lamb and in some cases a combination of these meats. Cevapi comes in varieties; you definitely do not want to miss this unless you are a vegetarian.

· Sarajevo

This place is the country’s capital; it should definitely be at the top of your list. Sarajevo is a union of modern and old worlds, there is so much diversity in this place. You can visit Sarajevo City Hall , take a walk down Ferhadija street , explore the Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Main Post Office, The Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque,The Congregational Church of the Holy Mother, The Academy of Fine Arts and so many historical places.

· Jajce

This place is perfect for the adventurous and outdoor lovers. Here, you will find a 21 meters high waterfall, Pilva lakes, numerous mountain trails, perfect spots for fishing and an old Town. There are so many places in Jajce just waiting to be explored.

For the perfect Trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Roux Luxury Travel is your one-stop solution, so give us a call!

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