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How to Pack Small While Traveling Abroad As a Lady

Tips March 12, 2019

As a full service travel consultant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I see and hear about every little (and big) travel adventure, mishap and mind blowing experience.  I am also asked questions that travelers know not the answer..like how to and what to pack.  With high baggage fees for checked luggage on most international and domestic flights, a common concern is how to pack so that they can carry on their luggage instead of paying the checked bag fee.

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4 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Via Airplane

Tips March 5, 2019

Traveling by air is no doubt one of the safest means of transportation.  It is an important addition to modern day living as it doesn’t simply provide safety but also provides a means of reaching your destination at incredible speed.  In fact, flying should be lauded for its ability to safely deliver passengers to their destinations in a very timely manner.

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Why Getting Recommendations on Facebook Isn’t the Best way to Plan Your Vacation

Tips June 29, 2017

I see a lot of posts in Facebook travel groups looking for recommendations for their next vacation.

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How to Get Free Upgrades and Perks At Luxury Hotels

Tips February 24, 2017

Do want to feel like a VIP next time you check into a luxury hotel? It's simple, book your next luxury hotel stay with me, your Virtuoso luxury travel advisor.

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How to Give the Gift of Travel

Wine Travel Ideas, Tips November 25, 2016

How's your holiday shopping going? By now, most people are well into their hunt for the perfect gift or they have even completed their holiday shopping. If you’re still looking for something to give that special person in your life, why not consider the gift of travel? 

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