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For Your Bucket List: Natural Phenomena That Last

Adventure Travel, Luxury Travel, bucket list February 13, 2018

A tropical permafrost lake


Lake Waiau sits at about 13,000 feet of elevation near the summit of Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii. It’s the only permafrost lake in the tropics, and though it shrank to about 2 percent of its previous size several years, it has made a comeback and can be reached by hike off the road to Mauna Kea’s summit. On the same island, you can also visit a Papakolea Beach, which features green sand thanks to a large supply of the mineral olivine.

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Get Enhanced Virtuoso Amenities at Luxury Hotels

Virtuoso Life, Luxury Travel, luxury hotels, virtuoso amenities February 9, 2018


If you’ve booked Virtuoso hotels through us in the past, you know how nice the Virtuoso perks can be. Now, many of our hotel partners are expanding their list of amenities to offer truly unique experiences for you, our Virtuoso guests.

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The Benefits of Booking With Roux Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel January 22, 2018

No doubt working with a travel advisor saves precious time both during the planning process and during your journey. But that’s hardly the extent of the value a Roux Luxury Travel advisor adds to your trip. In many cases, booking with us actually saves money in addition to providing you with amenities you can’t get on your own or through an online travel agency.

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Virtuoso's Best Wellness Getaways

Luxury Travel January 10, 2018

Perhaps it’s a New Year’s resolution of yours to concentrate on healthier living. Maybe you’ve recently experienced a life-changing event. Or maybe you just need a relaxing wellness getaway. Whatever it is that draws you in, wellness travel has a way of transforming outlooks on life. The goal, as with any journey, is to come back different from when you left.

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Top Travel Trends for 2018

Luxury Travel January 4, 2018

Happy new year! Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful 2018 full of great adventures. As always, travel is evolving to match the changing world. Here are a few destinations and experiences that will be popular in the coming year.

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