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What is Virtuoso Wanderlist®?

Luxury Travel October 25, 2019

The NEW Way to Plan Your Travel and Maximize Your Return on Life

Virtuoso Wanderlist® membership helps you make the time to take the trips you need to take to rejuvenate and connect with your family by creating a curated travel planning portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most. This is the key having epic vacations and maximizing your most important non-renewable asset–your time. And it’s attainable only through Virtuoso Wanderlist®.

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Travel Hygiene Tips that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Tips, travel tips, Luxury Travel May 17, 2019

As a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have conversations with our clients all the time on how to stay safe and healthy while traveling. Today, I wanted to write a blog article on how to stay healthy while traveling.

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3 Must Sees While Visiting Antarctica

Antarctica, Luxury Travel, bucket list, travel destinations February 21, 2019

Between watching penguins welcome their young to kayaking with the whales, Antarctica is full of beautiful landscape and incredible wildlife that you’ll find no where else.  With all of the exploration to be done, what should you choose?

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Best trips for solo travelers

Luxury Travel, luxury hotels October 25, 2018

Many vacations are about spending quality time with family, reconnecting with old friends or a romantic getaway with the one you love. Sometimes, though, you need a little time to rediscover yourself in a new place. This week, we focus on the best destinations for solo travel.

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Unique islands around the world

Adventure Travel, Luxury Travel, travel destinations October 2, 2018

Not every island is a sand-and-sun beach destination where you go to crack open a good book, sip a tropical drink and forget about the worries of home for a few days. Some are full of wildlife and culture and things you can’t find anywhere else. Maybe they’re a little bit out there. Maybe they’re cold or the beaches aren’t anything to write home about. But they’re worth exploring. This week, we visit a few of them.

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