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Things to Do & Places to See in Piedmont, Italy

Bucket List Trips, Winery Visits, Wine Travel Ideas, Reviews, Italy, bucket list July 17, 2019

Piedmont might be a little-known place to you but its one of three prominent wine regions in Italy. As a full-service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Roux Luxury Travel doesn’t want you to miss out on seeing what Piedmont has to offer. Here’s a hint of what to expect: Barbaresco and Barolo are regarded as two of the world’s finest wines, and guess what? Piedmont produces both of them...

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3 Things to Try While Vacationing in Franschhoek, South Africa

Bucket List Trips, Adventure Travel, Culinary Travel, bucket list, travel destinations, Franschhoek, South Africa, Africa July 4, 2019

When it comes to fine wine, South Africa might not be the first country that comes to your mind. We didn’t think it likely that the place had much to offer in terms of that either, but one trip there and that country has now become one of our favorite wine spots to visit. But we don’t just frequent anywhere in South Africa, no. Our choice place is none other than Franschhoek.

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3 UnPopular Destinations That You Should Check Out

Bucket List Trips, Tips May 8, 2019

We’re already planning vacations for travelers leaving Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the winter months. It’s not too early to book your winter getaways. Don’t know where you want to go but know that you want to go somewhere?

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