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Sometimes the Most Memorable Parts of a Trip Aren't the Ones You Expected

Adventure Travel July 25, 2017

I just returned from my G Adventures #AmbassadorofChange Safari trip to Tanzania, which was one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on. The safari was great, the tent camps were fabulous, and I loved seeing the wildlife in the Serengeti and meeting the locals. But an unexpected highlight of the journey was a visit to a Maasai village to see Planeterra Foundation’s Clean Cookstoves project.

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Looking for Off the Beaten Path Experiences?

Adventure Travel July 20, 2017


So you’ve been up to Machu Picchu, seen all of the big five on safari. You’ve marveled at the beauty of Lake Louise and split a week between London and Paris. You’ve lived out all your Hobbit-related fantasies in New Zealand and been to every cat café in Japan. Yet, you still can’t shake this wanderlust. You need a new adventure, but where haven’t you been yet? Consider these off-the-beaten path destinations for each continent (except Antarctica; you should probably stick to the beaten path there).

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How to Find the Ultimate Safari Experience

Adventure Travel July 18, 2017

Finding the right safari for you can seem like an exhausting adventure all its own. With so many countries, landscapes and animals to choose from, you might need a vacation from your vacation planning. That’s why it pays to have partners like we at Largay Travel do. Whether it’s the Great Migration that’s caught your fancy or the dunes of Namibia, if you want a custom itinerary designed just for you or a classic safari you can share with a small group, your travel advisor and our preferred partners work with you to plan an unforgettable, un-Google-able experience.

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June 2017 - Virtuoso Traveler's Adventure Issue

Adventure Travel June 13, 2017

If you're looking for a new adventure, the June 2017 Issue of Virtuoso Traveler is your go-to guide. 

This issue includes:
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5 Things I Learned from Exploring South Africa

Adventure Travel May 11, 2017

I recently returned from a 10-day trip to South Africa with G Adventures - National Geographic Journeys. As a luxury travel advisor, part of my job requires me to experience destinations so that I can better advise my clients when they are choosing their own vacations. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. The tour I joined took me from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and I got to enjoy both city life and safari over the course of the ten days.  Here are 5 things I learned from exploring South Africa.

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