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Top 3 Things to See and Do in Uruguay

Vacationers who make their way over to Uruguay often head to Montevideo, the capital city. While there’s no denying how great a place Montevideo is, there’s more to see and do beyond the city’s skyline. Roux Luxury Travel wants you to know that Uruguay is also blessed with beautiful countryside, vast ranches, fascinating wildlife, natural hot springs, golden beaches and the best of them all, a rich wine industry!

We’re a full-service travel agency from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we believe us when we say Uruguay can offer you amazing experiences. We can get you there but it’s up to you to decide which activities to try first. The top ones are written below.

  • Surf’s Up!

Punta del Diablo is a just little bohemian fishing village on the east coast of Uruguay, but Summer is when all the excitement begins. That’s when you’ll see backpackers in their dozens coming to ride the deep swells of the rustic beaches. Bring along a surfboard and test your surfing skills by pitting them against some of the highest and most imposing waves on the entire continent.

  • A Walk Back in History

Colonia del Sacramento is a UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site, but vacationers and tourists remember it more because it’s incredibly picturesque and harbors so much history. You can find it resting atop the edge of the Río de la Plata. Have a quiet walk between its ancient walls and cobbled streets and make your way into its numerous wine cellars. The ceilings are quite low, so be wary of that, lest you bump your head hard.

  • Treasure Hunting

The treasure here is food, of course. Montevideo is the motherlode of markets selling and serving succulent steaks. They also stock the oddest but finest of souvenirs. You’ll have a great time going from one stall or shop to another and sampling what they have to offer.

Mercado del Puerto is the best place to get à la carte parrillas peddling beef. Rumor has it no one in Argentina serves beef as tasty as Mercado del Puerto. Once you’re done eating, move on to the Mercado de los Artesanos. The place is filled to the brim with lovely handicraft that can be perfect gifts for friends and family or souvenirs for taking back home.

Whichever of these 3 you decide to begin your vacation with, the end result will always be you smiling and having a great time. Reach out to Roux Luxury Travel and we’ll handle everything for you. You’re this close to getting your dream vacation in Uruguay. A simple call is all it takes to make that dream a reality.

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