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Top 3 Places to See in Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal is not shy about showing off its many beautiful regions. The country is a World Heritage Site, after all, meaning its importance transcends all boundaries to be recognized by all regions of the world.

That’s all fine and dandy but what do vacationers mostly go there for? We’ll take a wild guess: The vast natural parks, the pleasant sun or the sweetest wine, right?

Whatever your reason for going there, Portugal offers you an opportunity to see some amazing places and try some amazing things. These places, be they natural or artificial, are sure to get you talking.

Quinta do Panascal

This one’s for all you wine lovers out there. Fonseca Port is one of Portugal’s most notable wine producers and it owns the famous vineyard known as Quinta do Panascal.

The vineyard walk is made even more interesting by the inclusion of an audio-tour that is self-guided. And because the tour comes in 9 different languages, you would be hard-pressed to not find your language on the list. As you can see, this tour caters to all peoples.

Within the vineyard, there is a visitor’s room where 3 Fonesca wines await your expert testing skills.

The best time to visit the Quinta do Panascal is during the grape-harvesting season though, because that’s when guests like you can see and learn about the traditional grape treading proves in granite tanks. It’s actually a very interesting thing to see, and one you shouldn’t miss, particularly if you harbor an interest in wine-making

Museu do Douro

Yet again, here’s something for lovers of wine and history. The Museu do Douro is a manor house which doubles as a museum. Prior to that, though, the Museu do Douro once served as the main office of the General Company of Agriculture of the High Douro wines.

Periodic lectures are held there too so attend a few if you wish to broaden your knowledge of this Wine Region.

Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Shifting gears, here. In Douro Valley, there is a town called Lamego. Within this town, there is a staircase with exactly 686 steps erected on and leading up to a hill (no, it’s not the staircase to Heaven, but it comes close).

The stairs end up at a church with the shrine of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios built in it. The whole structure is so lofty it begs to be admired.

There is much to see in here but, in all honesty, you should be looking out for the Pelican fountain on the first landing of the stairs. It will be a sight well worth your time.


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