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Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Cyprus

Planning a vacation? Why not go to Cyprus for a wonderful experience. Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. It needs little introduction, but Roux Luxury Travels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, still has a few things to say about the place that you may not know. We're a full-service agency that can help make your vacation dreams come true. Just follow the the few tips below when going on a vacation to Cyprus.

The weather

One of the first things to consider when traveling to Cyprus is the weather at that particular time because it will determine all activities you can do in your vacation and all the things that you need to take along with you. Summer time in Cyprus which is usually June to August can be really hot (which is perfect for visiting the beautiful beaches in Cyprus ) and winter can be very cold as well.

The food

Food in Cyprus is both delicious and healthy. You should definitely not forget to try the Haloumi, Trahana, Souvlaki, Tava, and other delicious Cyprus favorites. This place also offers a great variety of dishes that cater to vegetarians.

Your safety is guaranteed

Before traveling anywhere, you first have to consider if the place is safe enough to travel or not, and Cyprus is a safe place. The only thing to be wary of are the snakes when taking a walk at the countryside and tick-borne diseases which can easily be avoided by wearing repellents.

Learn about the people

To get the full Cyprus experience, you need to understand the people of Cyprus. There are things that are considered taboo that you need to avoid such as giving white lilies as a gift because those particular flowers are used for funerals, refusing an offer of cold drink or Greek coffee, entering a mosque with your shoes on or walking in front of a praying person, sitting before you are offered a seat, etc. The people of Cyprus are accommodating and friendly but they hold these cultures close to their hearts and as a tourist, it is in everyone's best interest to respect these customs.

The language

The people of Cyprus speak their own language and it will be more convenient for you to learn a few words of the language or at least take a book with you. Language can break down barriers and make you earn the trust of the people who speak it. The language spoken in Cyprus is Cypriot Greek.

Contact Roux Luxury Travels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to book your next vacation to Cyprus and we promise you a smooth journey there and back again.

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