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The Top 2 Attractions to See in the Moselle Valley, Germany

With mighty mountains, a deep placid river and endless rolling hills, Moselle Valley is just one more place in Germany that screams scenic beauty. It caught Roux Luxury Travel’s attention primarily because it’s a region known for producing the finest Rieslings in the entire world.

As a full-service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we simply had to share the existence of this wonderful place with you. We can help plan your trip there but your vacation won’t be truly complete until you acquaint yourself with the Moselle Valley’s many attractions. Written down below are 2 places we believe should pique your interest.

  • Tour the Cochem Castle

There’s just something special about castles that makes them stand out from other attractions, but the Cochem castle has more than size and beauty going for it; age is its greatest feature because it is over 1000 years old.

The castle was erected on the bank of the Moselle, overlooking hills coated with vines. Even the walk from the forest leading up to the castle is an experience to cherish because lovely views of Cochem (town) await you at almost every turn.

Walk through the castle and you can’t help but marvel at how the passage of time barely dented it. It might interest you to know there are guided tours which tell you about this history of the castle in detail, so that’s another thing you might want to go on.

  • Ancient Architecture in Trier

If you thought the Cochem Castle was old, what about this town? Trier is easily Germany’s oldest town … over 16,000 years old! It’s almost a miracle this town hasn’t crumbled to dust by now.

Walking in and around its buildings feels like walking through a much earlier time period. Trier has been preserved so well that even its large Roman gate, Porta Nigra, looks as formidable as it did when it was built during the 2nd century.

Another notable structure you should see while in Trier is the Cathedral of Saint Peter, which goes all the way back to the 4th century. The Roman baths should catch your fancy too, just as the towering Aula Palatina Basilica (palace) will.

Take our word for it and go see these places, though we’ve barely scratched the surface of Germany’s many wonders.

Roux Luxury Travel can give you a longer and even more detailed list of attractions to check out when in Moselle Valley. There are more ancient towns to see, wine tasting in places like Bernkastel-Kues and many more fun activities to try.

Your dream vacation awaits in the Moselle Valley, Germany. Roux Luxury Travels will be more than happy to plan every step of the way for you so that you just show up and have a great time.

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