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Six Fun Things To Do in Lithuania

There is always an abundance of fun places to visit and cool things to do which ever part of the world you're in, but Lithuania takes it to another level. This beautiful place promises to be a fun trip. Have a read below and we wager you'll be smiling before you're through.

Experience a spa session in Neringa

What better way to relax during a vacation than having a nice spa session? Neringa is a beautiful spa town which is situated in the Curonian Spit National Park. You will surely enjoy the spa session here as well as the beautiful scenery.

A Trip to Trakai

No trip to Lithuania is complete without a trip to Trakai. Trakai is a lake resort situated close to Vilnius. Here, you will find Trakai Historical National Park which is believed to date back to 1991. There are also about two hundred lakes to enjoy when you visit in warmer weather.

Visit the Devil’s Museum

This will be perfect for the adventurous and those interested in subjects like witchcraft and other supernatural things. As the name depicts, this museum is filled with artworks about witches, wizards, the devil and so much more. One of the most interesting things about this place apart from the amazing collection of about 3000 different artworks is the fact that visitors can donate items.

See The Gate of Dawn

This gate dates back to the medieval period and is a part of the wall of Vilnius, built to defend the place. The wall had nine different points of entry in the olden days. However, most of it has been destroyed in 1799 due to a Russian attack apart from the Gate of dawn which survived the attack. It is an interesting scene to behold.

See Gediminas Towers

You can reach this castle by climbing the castle hill or taking a scenic funicular if you prefer a more relaxing method. This tower gives you great views as it is located forty-eight meters above the city.

Visit the Presidential Palace

Palaces are always fascinating places, aren't they? The same applies here. Don't be surprised when you gawk-more than anything else-at this grand place.

Having a fun time is all but a given when you're in Lithuania. But you have to get there first, yeah? Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will get you and the entire family to Lithuania for that much-needed but elusive vacation we all seek.

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