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Read This Before You Book Your Next Vacation Villa

Luxury vacation rentals are a hot trend in travel. It seems everyone I know wants to rent a villa for their vacation instead of staying in a hotel. And it makes sense. Villas offer more privacy, the option to cook and make coffee in your own kitchen (although I personally prefer room service, LOL), and more space, especially when traveling with family.

But before you go to one of those do-it-yourself websites like Airbnb, Home Away, or VRBO, consider the risks. These websites make it easy to book with their pretty pictures and instant booking. But consider the amount of money you are investing and the fact that you really don’t know who you are sending it to. Booking your villa with a professional travel advisor like Roux Luxury Travel helps you offset these risks.

  1. Our villa suppliers vet, inspect and guarantee the quality of each of their villas. The do it yourself sites do not. You’re left to rely on reviews as the only indication of quality.
  2. Our villa suppliers stand behind everything, and there are no surprises. With the do it yourself websites, each villa is owned or manage by its owner, and there no way to know what their customer service philosophy is.
  3. When you book through one of our trusted suppliers, you are sending your money to a sound organization that is vetted by our agency network and Virtuoso. When you use the do it yourself sites, there is no vetting or assurance of financial soundness. You’re sending your money to an owner you don’t know and have no history with.
  4. Our villa suppliers offer 24 hours per day, 7 days a week customer care support. This means that in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we have someone who can offer immediate assistance. With the do-it-yourself sites, good luck trying to find the owner of your villa is there’s any kind of issue.
  5. Finally, when you book through our villa suppliers, you have an advocate who is looking out for your interests.

Want to learn more about how booking travel with a luxury travel advisor can help you have a better vacation? Watch our Free Webinar using the link below:

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