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What to Pack When Planning a Trip to Miami Florida

Cities June 8, 2019

Do you have your sights set on a tropical paradise like Miami for this year’s vacation? Our last blog post talked about things to do while in Miami, Florida and here's some more tips for visiting this great, USA city. Regardless of your taste or interest, there’s bound to be something in Miami which grabs your fancy.

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3 Must See Attractions in Miami Florida

Tips, family Travel, travel destinations, Cities June 6, 2019

You do realize Miami Beach is just one of the many attractions the city boasts, right? The warm but excellent weather, the culture, the people, the entertainment, the sports and history all demand your attention while visiting Miami, Florida:

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Destination Report: Denver

The key to an amazing weekend in Denver is timing. Even late in May, you could end up in a snowstorm. Then again, in January you could find yourself enjoying a beautiful 70-degree day. What you can almost count on is sunshine. As you will constantly be reminded, the Mile High City receives more than 300 days of it per year.

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3 Local Foods to Try on Your Vacation to Angola

travel destinations May 30, 2019

If you're someone who travels the world in search of new foods and wine to try, you already have a home in our hearts, because we share a common goal. We also travel the world in search of great food and wine.

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