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Top 3 Things to See and Do in Uruguay

vacation, wineries August 26, 2019

Vacationers who make their way over to Uruguay often head to Montevideo, the capital city. While there’s no denying how great a place Montevideo is, there’s more to see and do beyond the city’s skyline. Roux Luxury Travel wants you to know that Uruguay is also blessed with beautiful countryside, vast ranches, fascinating wildlife, natural hot springs, golden beaches and the best of them all, a rich wine industry!

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3 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to the USA

vacation, holiday August 26, 2019

America… the land of the free and home of the brave. Little wonder why people from all over the world flock to the USA for their vacation or holiday. States like Florida, New York and California have always been choice favorites among visitors and Americans alike.

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2 Best Things to Try When in Canada

wine destinations, vacation August 25, 2019


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3 Great Places to See in Peru

vacation, vacation planning August 25, 2019


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Destination Report: Coachella Valley

Perhaps August in the desert might not be your cup of tea, although there are few things more refreshing than jumping into a (climate controlled) pool when the mercury hits 110 degrees. But Southern California’s Coachella Valley is only that hot in the summer. All year long, it’s an oasis, not just of green at the foot of mountains, but of arts and culture. 

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