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3 UnPopular Destinations That You Should Check Out

Bucket List Trips, Tips May 8, 2019

We’re already planning vacations for travelers leaving Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the winter months. It’s not too early to book your winter getaways. Don’t know where you want to go but know that you want to go somewhere?

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10 Food Items to Bring With You While Traveling

food, Tips May 4, 2019

As a travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we travel a lot. After all, we need to know where the great hotels and sightseeing spots are to recommend to our customers. So you can imagine how much time is spent in airports and it's often that we see travelers grabbing snacks from airport stores that are full of sugar and carbs, which eventually lead to more hunger.

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A family Reunites in Southern Italy

The vast majority of the 4 million Italians who migrated to America in mass migration at the end of 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries came from the Mezzogiorno in southern Italy. Their descendants have spread throughout the U.S. especially the Northeast. As heritage travel has surged in popularity in recent years, Largay preferred partner Lush Experiences has put together this sample itinerary exploring Naples, the Amalfi Coast and family history.

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How to Take Your Own Passport Photo and Requirements

Tips April 30, 2019

As a travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I’m asked the question about passports and where to get the photo taken all the time. It’s true that a passport picture must be a specific size in order to fit on the U.S. State Department's requirements.

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How to Prepare Your Infant For Their First Trip

Tips April 27, 2019

As a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we’ve booked too many to count trips for families. And why not?

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