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Bahamas Update

Hurricane Dorian left a great deal of devastation in the northwest Bahamas. It’s important to note, however, that of the hundreds of islands in the Bahamas, the vast majority made it through unscathed. The major resort areas, which are vital to the economy of the Bahamas and thus the recovery efforts, are open for business and encouraging travelers to visit the beautiful islands.

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3 Top Belgium Travel Tips

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2 Awesome Places to See in Baku, Azerbaijan

vacation, holiday September 17, 2019
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Fall Foliage Around the World

The Northeast (and southeastern Canada) receive a lot of acclaim for their fall foliage, and rightfully so, because it’s spectacular. But it’s not the only game in town. Last year we took a glance at the top places around the country to peep leaves. This time around, we look at the best international spots for fall foliage.

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4 Armenia Travel Tips to Make Your Stay Better

vacation, holiday September 10, 2019

It’s quite surprising Armenia doesn’t see as much recognition as Paris or Italy when it comes to the top vacation destinations because it should be right up there with them. Where do we even begin with this wonderful country? It’s rich and deep history or the unique culture of the people? The exotic food or all the fascinating stories and mysteries surrounding it? Why not just go find out for yourself?

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