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Interesting Things to Know About Luxembourg

Before traveling anywhere, one needs to be familiar with the place he is intending to visit, don't you agree? Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, certainly does. We're a full-service travel agency that has taken vacationers around the world for vacations in the most unique and exotic places. Today, let's talk about Luxembourg. The short but useful tips written below should you get up to sped with what the place is like. You'll find them quite insightful too.

• There is no King in Luxembourg

Even though Luxembourg practices a form of representative democracy and a constitutional monarchy, they do not have a king instead they have what they call a Grand Duke and they are the only country that practices that kind of monarchy in the world.

• Wealthy and Developed

Luxembourg is considered one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the world. Their wealth is believed to originate from their banking system and low taxes on holding companies.

The Language

This wonderful country has three official languages, namely: French, German and Luxembourgish. Luxembourgish is very similar to German. It is advisable to pack a guide book if you are not familiar with any of the languages as that will help you in communicating with the locals even though a lot of people speak English language fluently.

• Get ready to be kissed

The people of Luxembourg greet one another with three kisses, yes, not one or two but three. So, if you are traveling to this place, prepare your mind on the fact that you will get kissed by locals.

• Cleanliness

Luxembourg is a very, very clean country. And it will be great if you as a tourist will maintain that fact when you visit.

• Your safety is guaranteed

Luxembourg is a very safe place to visit, in fact, it is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. But just like you will in other places, it is best to take care of your valuables and not flash them in public.

• It is more of a small town than Big City

One interesting thing about this place is that even though it’s filled with big companies and offices, it is actually a rural place. It feels more like a small town when you actually visit than the big city we all assume it is.

Of course the whole point of your vacation is for you to have fun, so don't forget about that. Contact Roux Luxury Travel and we'll book your next trip to this ancient but great place.

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