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Important Tips to Know When You Visit Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the top tourist destinations in Greece. It appeals to different categories of people: Honeymooners, families, cruisers, and basically anyone that enjoys a splendid vacation. Of course, a place of luxury like Mykonos deserves its spot as Cyclades’ most expensive island. Care for some exotic fun? Have a read below then.

  • Skip the Crowds and Save Money: Who doesn’t love a vacation on a budget? You can achieve this by visiting Mykonos during the season where the crowds are not much. Typically, summer is the peak season for Mykonos, so if you are not ready for a ridiculously expensive trip, then you should visit around fall and spring (the shoulder season) before the crowds begin to troop in. Although it is an expensive island, you can avoid spending more than necessary by sticking to cheap feeding, limited drinking and few attractions. You can also enjoy free attractions like visits to beaches, the windmill, and walking round the town of Mykonos and Little Venice. Sharpen your bargaining skills to save you from paying the marked prices of items in the markets.
  • Stay Safe: Although the city is generally safe, it is also a busy place and like other busy tourist attractions, there is the risk of running into pick-pockets and all sorts of petty criminals. You know how you can get carried away at the beach, right? Well, save yourself from trouble by keeping your valuables in your hotel lodging. Mykonos provides all the temptations for drinking too much alcohol but try not to give in and don’t leave your drink unattended to, at the bar or anywhere else. More importantly, do not engage in drug use; you may be made to pay fines or go to jail for getting involved with drugs. Stay away from isolated places, especially at night and be security-conscious. Keep copies of your ID card, passport, and other personal documents in case you misplace the originals. Again, a good travel insurance against injury, illness, cancellations, and theft, will be of great importance in such unforeseen circumstances.

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