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Four Ways To Make the MosT of Your Vacation In Germany

Looking forward to a fun vacation in Germany? Look no further because Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has got you covered. Fun things abound in Germany and we'll tell you all about them. Whether it is in the thick of winter or during the summer, Germany is a fun place to be. Here are five things to do in Germany.

· Visiting the Berliner Unterwelten

Called the Subterranean Berlin in English, this place is the Underground Berlin that takes you on a journey through the Second World War. It allows you to experience great things: Like crouching down in an air raid bunker to imagine what the soldiers of yore went through. It also provides a tour of Underground Berlin which shows abandoned subway stations, tunnels for smuggling people out of East Germany during the cold war as well as air raid shelters. It was founded in 1997 to preserve Berlin’s subterranean architecture. This is one place you must visit to revisit history!

· A visit to Baden-Baden

You want to visit Germany, but you are afraid that the coldness of winter will dampen your experience? A visit to Bade-Baden will surely quell your fears. This beautiful town is regarded as Germany’s grand spa town in its black forest region and it is a great winter destination. There are hot steamy springs, two large public baths, saunas and indoor and outdoor thermal pools. This place is heaven if you are looking a relaxed and peaceful ambiance. And what’s more!? This city has what many people say is the most beautiful Casino in the world. Casino Baden-Baden!

· A trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

This is perfect for anyone looking to reconnect with nature. Another place that is most enjoyed during the winter, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is perfect for a weekend getaway. It is perfect for skiing and hiking. It’s historic and colorful architectural designs can be enjoyed by strolling round the town as well as enjoy spa treatments, indoor pools, sauna and several other body treatments.

· A Visit to Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining gate in Berlin City. Famous for its breath-taking landscape, tranquil ambiance and one-of-a-kind architectural design, this gate serves as an emblem for the union of Eastern and Western Germany. It is an 18th century structure that has stood in long periods of war and unrest. It is one of the best landmarks in Germany and a site for historical events. You can enjoy sightseeing around this gate while admiring the beauty of nature and history put together.

You can enjoy everything Germany has to offer. Contact a full-service travel agency like Roux Luxury Travel to set you all up. Germany awaits; fun and a wonderful time await!

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