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Amazing Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is probably known for its wonderful animes, but the Asian city has more to offer than interesting storylines and great characters. Planning a vacation? Why not visit Japan and experience beautiful cultures, wonderful architecture, great food and much more? Reach out to Roux Luxury Travel to help you with that. We're a full-service travel agency from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we recommended the places below whenever your vacation-hunting takes you to Japan.

  • Akihabara

This is a great place for nerds and anime lovers. If you love Japan for the animes, then you probably can’t afford to not visit this place. There are a variety of video games to keep you occupied for quite some time. It promises to be a magical experience.

  • Hitsujiyama Park

Cherry blossoms are pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. Hitsujiyama Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Experience the festival of colors and revel in the beauty of nature at this beautiful park.

  • Kawagoe

The rich culture of the Japanese people is another great tourist attraction for a lot of people. What better way to experience a culture than visit the Kawagoe ? which is situated 45 minutes from the Northwest of Tokyo. A little bit of history will make your stay unforgettable.

  • Mount Fiji

Breathtaking experiences come in a variety in Japan and Mount Fiji is no exception. If you plan to do something a little bit challenging during your stay, a visit to nature will be the perfect thing to keep you on your toes.

  • Shirakawa-go

The noise and people can get overwhelming sometimes, especially if you needed the vacation to escape your busy life. Shirakawa-go is a small village in one of Gifu's many valleys. It gives you a glimpse into the traditional Japanese lifestyle. What can be more perfect than a taste of culture and peace of mind?

  • Eastern Kyoto

There are places you just can’t afford to miss in order to get the full Japanese experience and Kyoto is one of them. If you want a peek into the Japanese culture, this might be the perfect place to visit.  There are a variety of things to see in this wonderful place, do not miss it!

  • Hiroshima

One cannot mention Japan without mentioning the catastrophic event that was the atomic bombing. This site has 'The Hiroshima Peace Memorial’ which is the monument dedicated to the victims of the bombing.

Contact Roux Travel and we’ll get you and the entire family to Japan for a great vacation and wonderful experience.

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