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Amazing Places To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful place located in the Balkans and it is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. As a full-service Travel agency, Roux Luxury Travels from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can guarantee you’ll have the perfect vacation in Croatia.

Here are a few things you can do in Croatia that will make your vacation more interesting:

• Zagreb

As the capital and most populous city in Croatia, this beautiful place is a wonderful spot for art and history lovers. There are so many things to see here such as medieval towers and a lot of other historic and cultural sites.

• Zadar

What can possibly add more flavor to your vacation than a trip to a three-thousand-year-old city? Zadar is a magnet for tourists because of its rich history and numerous fun activities. This is also a perfect place to explore especially if you love beaches as there are beautiful beaches along the coastline of Zadar.

• Dubrovnik

This place is located in the southern part of Croatia and it is also known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic .‘ There are so many historical sites in this place such as churches and palaces.

• Split

This place promises to be fun for people of all ages, there is so much to explore and even more to eat in this wonderful place. There are so many options in this place from visiting ruins, to exploring restaurants. You definitely do not want to miss a visit to Split.

• Paklenika National Park

This is an ideal place for the adventurous soul. The best thing about Paklenika National Park is rock climbing, caving, and hiking. The view from the mountains there is simply breathtaking.

• Krka National Park

Krka National Park is perfect for nature lovers. This place offers quite a number of places to visit with the highlight being Skradinski Buk Falls, this waterfall is so famous that the number of people that can visit it at a particular time has been restricted. You shouldn’t miss out on this fun park.

• Vis

This island is absolutely stunning. The popular movie Mama Mia was acted on this beautiful island and a visit there will leave you with no doubt as to the reason why.

For your next trip to Croatia, reach out to Roux Luxury Travels from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We're at your service. Contact us to book your trip to Croatia for a whale of a time.

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