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9 Things to Know Before Traveling to France

Preparing for a journey is an adventure on its own, that’s why you need to prepare for it as much as possible. What better way to prepare than to learn one or two things about the place you are visiting?

France is a popular vacation spot with lots of interesting and fun activities. Roux Luxury Travels at Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a full-service travel agency can give you the Full France experience. Here are nine things you should know before traveling to France.

Learn a little French

When going to France it is best to learn a few basic French words as it will make navigating France more convenient for you. If you can’t learn it, you can carry a book or download an app that will help with translating.

There is more to France than Paris

When people talk about traveling to France, they usually talk about Paris but France is beyond Paris. There is so much to see if you open up your mind to explore other places.

Be wary of your tone of voice

It’s not common to see people talking in loud tones in France. It’s best to avoid it or else you will draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Making reservations ahead of time will save your date

When going to eat in any restaurant in France, make sure you call ahead to make reservations. Unlike, in other places, people here tend to make reservations instead of randomly visiting restaurants.

Different Time Zones

One of the interesting things about France is that it has 12 different time zones.

Art is culture

Art is deeply ingrained in French culture. There is so much art to explore here. It is definitely a dreamland for art lovers.

The French love compliments

One of the best ways to earn a spot in a French person's heart is through compliments. Compliment them and they will love you, it doesn’t matter what you compliment; compliments about food are just as welcomed as compliments about what they are wearing.

Take the Train

Trains in France are said to be the cheapest and safest of transportation. It is also very quick and convenient.

Watch your manners

The French are very particular about manners. Things like greeting someone before speaking to them, watching your tone of voice, saying your please and thank you as well as using Madame, Monsieur or Mademoiselle before being invited to use first names are held in great esteem.

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