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7 Tips for Your First Time Visit to Nashville

People want to travel and have great fun, but they can’t; Coronavirus is making sure of that. So, does that mean all your travel plans will go down the drain? No, keep making plans because 8 weeks from now, the whole endemic will hopefully be over and you can go back to traveling the world!

It would be unwise to ignore what the virus is capable of, but it also wouldn’t be wise to cancel any travel plans you’ve made. Coronavirus is like a fad; it will come to pass in due time. All you have to do is take care of yourself and stay healthy. In the meantime, check out these 7 tips that’ll go a long way in making your first visit to Nashville even better. Why did we choose Nashville? It’s an amazing place for a vacation, of course!

Nashville Tennessee is a great place to visit for the incredible music, dining and sightseeing. Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can make your trip to Nashville faster, easier and more comfortable. Before you embark on your trip to Nashville however, it’s usually best to know a little about the city you’ll be vacationing at for the first time. These few tips from us should get you well rounded when it comes to the city of Nashville.

· Transportation

Uber or Lyft are your best bets when in Nashville. Either that, or hailing a cab. If you do however decide to go with the bus, proceed with caution. Figuring out the schedule can be difficult and delays are frequent. You might have to do a lot of walking too so keep your schedules flexible.

· Food

Nashville is a great town when it comes to food. It is, however, best that you do some research on where to wine and dine before you come in because so many options are springing up daily that it sometimes gets confusing. Research on the coffee shops, barbecue spots and lots more.

· Other Cultures

Nolensville Road is where you should go to get a taste of other cultures in Nashville. You’ll find Thai, Mediterranean, Latin, Cuban, Indian and other cuisines which have contributed to Nashville’s food scene over the years. You should also visit the Plaza Mariachi for another unique cultural experience.

· Music

Spend a night on Lower Broadway where you’ll be able to hear country bands play covers of new and old hits at the honky-tonk bars. You could also head to some of the local venues like the Bluebird Café and The High Watt to hear the local songwriters and bands.

· Go Outside

There are lots of parks, walking paths, trails and bike lanes within the city of Nashville that you can enjoy. You can even join a yoga class on the front lawn of the Parthenon. Take a morning hike at Radnor Lake or bike along Shelby Bottoms Greenway to enjoy Nashville’s natural side.

· Go Luxury Shopping

You’ll find high-end stores selling everything from housewares to footwear and more in nearly every neighborhood of Nashville. You could try Draper James for women’s wear, Wilder for home goods and Peter Nappi for great shoes.

· Watch A Game

Nashville minor league baseball team, the Nashville Sounds has a new stadium downtown where you can catch a great view of the sunset while watching the evening games. The tickets are not too expensive and you can also enjoy the local food and beer while you watch.

Roux Luxury Travels can plan your trip to Nashville and any other location you’re interested in. Your satisfaction is our goal and we’d be glad to hear from you. Contact us today!

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