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4 Armenia Travel Tips to Make Your Stay Better

It’s quite surprising Armenia doesn’t see as much recognition as Paris or Italy when it comes to the top vacation destinations because it should be right up there with them. Where do we even begin with this wonderful country? It’s rich and deep history or the unique culture of the people? The exotic food or all the fascinating stories and mysteries surrounding it? Why not just go find out for yourself?

Roux Luxury Travels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be happy to get you there. We’re a full-service travel agency who has booked countless vacations in numerous countries for countless of people hailing from every corner of the globe. Armenia has everything you could possibly need to make your stay there a wonderful experience. Just be mindful of a few things and you’re all set. Heed the tips below to make the most of your vacation.


  • Dollars Are Your Backup

Armenia’s national currency is called ‘dram’. Obviously, it’s accepted everywhere but you can move around with a substitute. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere too. If, for any reason, you run out of local currency, you can always pay using dollars. Keep that in mind and always have a wad of banknotes with you wherever you go.

  • Haggle with the Taxi Driver

This is especially necessary for foreigners or vacationers like you. Taxi drivers aren’t always honest so before going in and taking a ride anywhere, make sure you discuss the cost of the ride first. Keeping silent is just an opportunity for the driver to give any price he feels like when the time comes to pay, and as you can expect, he’ll probably give you a number that could considerably lighten your wallet,

  • Colors Are a No-No

This might seem like an oddity, but when heading to small towns or villages, wear as little bright clothes as possible. Likewise, don’t wear low-necked clothes, especially if you’re a woman. Reason? You could experience some form of hostility-nothing too extreme, but the townsfolk might not be too appeased with your fashion choice, provoking some manner of negative reaction from them. Hey, when in Rome, do as Rome says, right?

  • Warm weather is Best

Armenia’s weather is at its friendliest in the months running from April to October. That’s when the air is warm, pleasant and ideal for any activity. You’ll probably see vacationers like yourself during these months more than all others.

Have these tips at the back of your mind and your vacation ins this little-known but great country will be smooth-sailing all the way. Contact Roux Luxury Travels and we’ll book your vacation to Armenia. It’s exactly the kind of place you need if you want a change of scenery and to experience a culture markedly different from what you’re used to.

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