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3 Wonderful Things to do in Tarija, Bolivia

It’s ok if you’ve never heard of a place called ‘Tarija’ because it is one of the lesser-known cities in Bolivia, South America. The city’s moderate popularity is quite surprising though, considering the fact it’s easily one of the best places in the world for wine lovers.

Being a full-service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Roux Luxury Travel has steadily but surely enlightened its customers on the many reasons Tarija would be perfect for their next vacation.

The list below will give you an idea of why Tarija is meant to be the next place you vacation in.

· Bolivian Wine Tours

We had to start off the list with wine tours. Tarija has several of them and though you can charter a taxi or ride a bus to the wineries, the experience is much better if you have a tour guide with you. The wine tours vary slightly but they have something in common: exquisite taste.

You’ll visit two industrial wine shops or bodegas and two more artisanal bars in the Valle de Concepcion. You’ll also go see a studied waiter who’ll enlighten you on the many wines of the country, tell you about the numerous wine-tasting techniques and reveal interesting information about the Tarija you probably didn’t know. There will be wine samples, of course, which you’ll agree with us is the best part.

  • Learn About Bolivian Wines

The tours are great, but wouldn’t it be better to have a little information about the wines before going on the tours? A little research won’t harm anyone, so spend a few days at Uriondo (a small town) and learn what you can about Bolivia’s finest wines.

The largest wine producers are Campos de Solana and Kohlberg, but Terruno and Aranjuez are favorites of many a wine lover too. The artisan wines from bodegas also stock an impressive variety, so read up on that too.

  • The Streets and Parks of Tarija

As great as lounging around and sipping on wine is, you’ll eventually want to stretch your legs and have a breath of fresh air. The narrow streets of Tarija are bordered by dainty little stores, parks, restaurants and more, so you’ll never be short of places to have a little snack while on your stroll. And if you still fancy more glasses of wine while on your stroll, just step into one of the many wine salons you’ll see along the way.

Tarija is a wonderful city with dainty little shops. Contact Roux Luxury Travels, a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we’ll arrange your trip there.

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