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3 UnPopular Destinations That You Should Check Out

We’re already planning vacations for travelers leaving Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the winter months. It’s not too early to book your winter getaways. Don’t know where you want to go but know that you want to go somewhere?

Don't worry, as a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Instead of the popular destinations like Paris or Disneyland, why not take a road less traveled and experience something that, more than likely, your neighbors haven’t? You’ll be the talk of the suburbs.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Until hosting some of the 2010 world cup matches, some people didn't know that a place like Cape Town existed in South Africa. That’s quite ironic, because it’s one of Africa's biggest countries. The city is most popular for its multicultural nature, making it a unique place and a delightful discovery for tourists.

The natural attractions that are all over the city are one reason why people keep pouring into it. This is somewhere you'll never regret visiting. Its diverse cultural representation, its wonderful sites and the interesting meals you’ll find all add to a bucket list experience.

  • St. Vincent and the Geraldine

This here is another must-see place, located right in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. If you are a fan of white sand and crystal clear water, then you’ll want to check this place out. The lush forests and crystal blue water are breathtaking and Instagram worthy. These natural beauties merge to give you one of the best places for relaxation and fun. The best time to visit the city is between January when the weather is at its best.

  • New Delhi, India

There are a lot of reasons why New Delhi is a must see for the adventurous type. New Delhi is filled with beautiful and ancient architecture and a colorful culture. There are some incredible resorts to stay in that will take your breath away. Does a mix of new and old world sound good to you? Then you may want to check out New Delhi and as a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, we can recommend and book your hotel stay, tours and transportation.

  • Bogotá, Columbia

Although relatively unpopular, Bogotá is a delight for the sights and events it hosts. It is the cultural center in Columbia. Its perfect combination of old, new and futuristic buildings is certainly a delight to watch. When it comes to food too, the South American city certainly has a lot to offer, making it both a sightseeing paradise and a hungry man’s delight.

There are several other "out of the ordinary” international destinations that we’d love to recommend to you. Please give us a call and let’s plan your next trip somewhere incredibly Instagram worthy.

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