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3 Tips for Traveling to Spain

First of all, choosing Spain as your travel destination was an excellent idea. Disregard everything you’ve heard about it because the simple fact is, your expectation can never live up to the real thing. Barcelona alone can take your breath away, let alone the rest of Spain.

A word of caution though. Don’t let the culture, music, and people carry you away. Like with any other country, there are do’s and don’ts when you’re in Spain, and we’ll tell you a few of them right now.

· Know the Lay of the Land

Spain, unlike many places you’ve been to, has 17 autonomous regions. As you would expect, that means each region has its own distinct personality, with different festivities, food, etc. Five of those regions even have their own languages.

The reason you are advised to have at least some basic information about the regions is more a matter of courtesy than anything else. Spaniards take offense when you make the wrong comment about their region of origin, because what might be accepted in another Spaniard’s region may not be accepted in theirs.

Take bullfighting, for example. It was banned in Catalonia (which is still in Spain) but it’s a huge tradition in other parts of the country.

· Spanish is Just One Amongst Many

It’s alright to go into Spain thinking you’ll hear people speaking Spanish left and right, but that’s far from the reality. Yes, Spanish is the main language, but to other Spaniards, it’s only a second language. There are 6 official languages spoken in the country.

It’s great if you understand Spanish but it’s not enough to help you communicate with everyone in Spain, particularly if you plan to visit many of its regions. So, if possible, acquaint yourself with some of the other languages (Catalan, Galician, Basque, Aragonese, Leonese and Asturian).

· They Walk with Pride

Spaniards are proud. We don’t even mean National pride; they’re just really proud folk. The pride has to do with the Spaniards and the individual regions they hail from.

They regard their regions more than they do Spain itself, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Spaniards painting their faces with the colors of Spain but they instead wave around flags identifying their respective regions. Ironic, isn’t it?


We highlighted these three points because we deem them very important, but there are other things you should know about Spain that are just as important. Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has detailed information about all of Spain’s regions and the best spots to visit.

Save yourself the trouble of finding the most relevant information in a sea of multiple languages and cultures, because we will do that for you. Contact us and we’ll help you prepare for that Spanish vacation you’ve wanted to go on for so long.

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