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3 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to the USA

America… the land of the free and home of the brave. Little wonder why people from all over the world flock to the USA for their vacation or holiday. States like Florida, New York and California have always been choice favorites among visitors and Americans alike.

If you’re aiming for a hassle-free trip to the USA, enlist the services of Roux Luxury Travels, a full-service travel agency from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To help make your vacation in the USA as smooth as the trip there will be, we’ve rounded up a few tips that you really should make time to read. They are just simple tips, but they can help make your vacation even better than you expect it to be.

  • Your Mobile Data Should be Off

This applies to international visitors first and foremost. The simple reason you should not turn on your mobile data is that mobile phone roaming rates can empty your wallet faster than anything else can. A simple solution is to utilize free Wi-Fi whenever it’s possible; some airports even offer it. Or, if you believe you have the funds for it, go over your mobile phone data plans and see if you can purchase a data bundle specifically meant for international usage.

  • The Tipping Etiquette

This is always a dilemma for travelers. They keep wondering whether they should or shouldn’t; whether it’s proper or not. Different countries have different rules and tolerances for tipping. In Japan, for example, tipping for any kind of service is downright rude. It’s as close to an insult as possible.

In the USA, no one will reject your tips. Tips are actually important because once they add up, they can buffer up the income of workers. Bartenders, housekeepers and valets are just a few workers that tips go a long way in helping. It’s not exactly charity, but you’re helping people out. That’s always a good thing, don’t you think?

  • You Will Pay Extra

This is true when it comes to prices of products stateside. You will often pay for more than the price you see. Why? What you see often doesn’t include tax, but the real price of the product includes sales tax. So, if you’re paying for items with cash, always hold an extra wad to curtail this little inconvenience. Even though different cities and states have their own tax rates, you should still expect to shell out more money regardless of what is listed.

Those are just 3 tips, but heed them and you’re guaranteed a fun-filled vacation that will give you with fond memories to cherish. Roux Luxury Travel can book a vacation for you anywhere you want in the USA. Give us a call and we’ll handle everything from there.

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