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3 Must Sees While Visiting Hawks Bay New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for being the place where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot, but to wine enthusiasts, it’s more famous for its endless vineyards.

Hawke’s Bay alone has over 80 wineries and 100 vineyards, making it the second-largest wine region in the entire country. That’s why when it comes to wine destinations, Roux Luxury Travel ranks New Zealand in the top 5.

As a full-service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we can help you plan a visit to the vineyard-covered valleys and award-winning wineries of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

The things you can do in Hawke's Bay are many, and we selected a certain few that you simply have to give a go.


  • Take Generous Sips of Famous & Delicious Wines

Famous reds like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are all produced in Hawke’s Bay, so going there means you get the chance to have a sip of all 3 (and more!).

Craggy Range, Elephant Hill, Black Barn and Trinity Hill are just 3 of the many award-winning wineries awaiting you. If you don’t feel like going on the wine tours, head to any market and grab a bottle of your favorite wine. We recommend the Napier Urban Food Market which is open every Saturday morning.


  • Go on Hikes Across Forests, Beaches or Hills

Exploring wine regions by foot is considerably more pleasant than using a vehicle. There are several trails in Hawke’s Bay and many of them are bound to fit your pace. Go on a hike of the Te Meta Peak and keep going until you reach the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk. From there, take a fun stroll to the Waimamaram beach and have a relaxing swim in the cool water. It’s just one fun activity after another.


  • A City of Art

There is a city in New Zealand called Napier, but many people know it by a different name. It’s often called the ‘Art-Deco City’ because of its sprawling Art Deco architecture. The buildings and structures are visible wherever you are in the city. Going there is a must, even if you’re not keen on art and architecture.

If you can, take a trip to the city during the month of February because that’s when the world-renowned Art Deco Festival takes place. This festival is the epitome of fun and games. Over 90% of the people you see will be dressed in clothes of yesteryear. The majority of them will be parading around in vintage cars too. Partake in this fun event by getting yourself an old costume and joining in the parade.

Roux Luxury Travel can easily arrange all this for you. You need only to give us a call so we can get the process rolling for you.

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