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3 Must See Attractions in Miami Florida

You do realize Miami Beach is just one of the many attractions the city boasts, right? The warm but excellent weather, the culture, the people, the entertainment, the sports and history all demand your attention while visiting Miami, Florida:

  • Miami Beach -
    • We know, we know; there’s more to Miami than just a beach, but it deserves to be first on the list. This place more than just a beach, even. Its soft sand and blue waters, though lovely, are just two things it’s famous for.
    • There are quiet neighborhoods nestled in the beach too, believe it or not (yeah, it’s that massive). And we have to point out the areas which focus on delivering nothing but lively entrainment. Ocean Drive is a street you have to go see, particularly for its lovely Art Deco buildings.


  • Art Deco Area Buildings -
    • You would be hard-pressed to find a more colorful and unique area in Miami than here. From afar, you would think these buildings are giant, LEGO pieces!
    • This architectural style was quite popular back in the 1930s and 40s and now, they give Miami beach a style that few other places can live up to. Despite their ancient style, these buildings are nothing short of trendy today, with their large neon signs and pastel colors.
    • A lot of them are restaurants too, so you can admire them from more than just a distance. Conversely, you don’t even have to enter these color-riot structures to have a meal. The lower level Art Deco buildings have protruding awnings that provide shade and double as outdoor dining areas. It’s quite impressive how these buildings serve a multipurpose function, wouldn’t you say?


  • The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens -
    • There was once a man called James Deering. He was an industrialist that lived in the 1900s, and his fabulous winter home built on 28 acres of land in 1916 has now become one of Miami’s most popular tourist attractions.
    • The massive structure of 34 rooms is laden with exotic and authentic European furniture. Honestly, no one can fault you if you say there’s a miniature Europe bunded up within the Vizcaya Museum, because much of the elegant décor is European imports.
    • The best part of all this? You get to experience every bit of it upfront! You have a chance to walk within its beautiful gardens bordered by detailed Italian fountains. You learn about the mansion’s history and how it has become one of Miami’s greatest prides.


Let Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, help you get to the Vizcaya; let us book you transportation to Miami Beach; lets us book you a tour around every single Art Deco building.

Miami is a big place, but it’s not so big that Roux Luxury Travel can’t comb through every inch of it. Unsure of where to go first? Give us a call and we’ll get you right where you need to be.

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