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3 Local Foods to Try on Your Vacation to Angola

If you're someone who travels the world in search of new foods and wine to try, you already have a home in our hearts, because we share a common goal. We also travel the world in search of great food and wine.

Unlike other aspects of a vacation, you don't have to know anything about food to enjoy it. It is universally delicious. That's what's so great about food. It matters little which country it comes from; as long as it's cooked right, it will satisfy your cravings.

Have you ever tried local Angolan food? Have you ever had a bite of Paracuca or Picolé? We’re guessing not. Believe us when we say you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Keep your eyes glued to our words as we enlighten you on local but scrumptious foods you can’t miss out on when you fly over to Angola.


1. Roasted Peanuts (Ginguba torrada)

You would be surprised just how tasty simple peanuts can be. Africans know their stuff. This is mostly sold by street vendors and as hard as it may be to believe this, Ginguba torrada goes well with anything.

You’ll find peanuts in deserts and even main dishes. Look around you and you’ll see people snacking on peanuts left, right and center. Don’t just stand there and watch them; go get yourself a bag too…unless you’re allergic, of course.


2. Toasted Banana (Banana Assada)

Yeah, Angolans don’t kid around. Eating bananas raw just doesn’t cut it for them. Angolans drip honey over the banana and blow some flame on it. The end result is a dish that replaces potatoes, rice and just about any meal you can think of. Do you want to treat yourself? Garb 1 piece-or 8-of toasted banana.


3. Mufete of Fish

Fish is always a welcomed treat, because there are so many ways to prepare it. Mufete is an Angolan Cuisine too, and one that’s worth your taste buds. It’s made with an impressive and diverse combination of tasty ingredients.

Mufete is a combo of boiled sweet potato, boiled plantains, palm oil, grilled fish (obviously), cassava flour and that special mufete sauce that left a lasting impression on our tongues. The sauce is made with tomato, chopped onion, bell pepper, olive oil, and lemon.

If you’ve started wondering what else Angola has on the menu, then we think it’s time you seek our services. If you’re anywhere near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, stop by and we’ll tell you all about how we can help make your trip to Angola the best one yet. If you’re nowhere near us, no worries. Reach us via our website. We’re called Roux Luxury Travel, and we pride ourselves in being one of the best travel agencies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana because if you want to go there, we’ve probably been there done that and can give some great advice and book you the perfect resorts, airfare, tours and transportation anywhere in the world. Why not give us a call and let’s talk about your next adventure.

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