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2 Travel Tips for a Vacation in Albania

Towering mountains, golden beaches and bustling cities riddled with flashing lights… That’s what awaits you in Albania, and Roux Luxury Travel can’t wait to book your vacation there.

As a full-service travel agency from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we can attest to this simple fact: Whether you seek natural wonders like grand mountains, infinite flora and beautiful coastlines or a fun-loving people in bright cities, there will always be something wonderful demanding your attention in Albania.

But to make the most of your stay there, there are particular things you must be mindful of. We rounded up 2 of the more important ones for you.



Be Well-Prepared for Any Hike You Intend to Go On

The sheer number of vacationers who frequent Albania’s hiking trails is enough proof they are extremely popular among foreigners. The hike from Theth to Valbona is probably the most-loved of them all. Perhaps it has something to do with how beautiful it is; few hiking trails in southeastern Europe can match it in beauty.

But you must know that completing the trail can be quite challenging because it entails over 7 hours of walking. Then again, you might not even notice the distance because you’ll be too engrossed by the amazing scenery.

Bring along enough food and water so you won’t be distracted by thirst or hunger. The hike to Valbona may not be easy but trust us when we say it’s worth all the sweat. All this applies to any trail you intend to hike. Wear the necessary gear and stock up on enough food.

Best Time to Travel to Albania

Albania has a climate that can be broken down into 3 main zones. They are the continental interior, the warm coast and the mountains to the north. Some of the activities available for you to engage in are season-dependent, so that could be a factor when it comes to deciding what time of year you wish to visit the country.

But, as attested by the majority of vacationers, the best time to visit falls between the months of April and June, which are late spring and early fall; September and October too.

The main reason we advise you to go to Albania during these months is because the temperature is mild and pleasant. But if you’re the type who has the most fun when the sun is blazing, then summer would be a better choice for you (July).

Roux Luxury Travels is ready to book your trip there. Reach out to us and we’ll handle all the necessary details. Your only job is to get ready for a fun and truly exciting holiday.

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