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2 Places to Visit While in Las Vegas Nevada

Fun, games, excitement, parties, and larger than life entertainment are all things Las Vegas is known for. Have you ever been in a situation where there’s so much to do that you’re left confused and undecided on what to try first? Las Vegas will do exactly that to you.

But we can help you. We can help point out the particular attractions that you need to go see. There are, of course, so many of them, but the first 2 you should go see are on this list!

· The Las Vegas Strip

How can we NOT start off with the Las Vegas Strip? Tourists make a beeline to this 2.5-mile-long central part of the Las Vegas Boulevard. The Strip pierces through the city, running from the northeast to the southwest.

There are massive entertainment centers scattered all around it and the majority of them were erected utilizing particular and distinct themes, so there’s a lot of variety there.

You can find many performance centers on the Strip as well as exquisite hotels and fabulous restaurants. To really make the most of this city, stay on the Strip. There’s something new almost every few steps you take. We'll help you decide which massive hotel or small boutique hotel is right for you.

· Fremont Street Light Show

The massive number of bright lights and flashing neon signs are so colorful they could shame a rainbow makes Fremont Street a MUST-SEE place. It’s a pedestrian-only place but it has so many unique sites that you won’t mind walking to all of them.

The canopy of LED lights covering the street brighten up the sky with infinite colors and so many designs that it’s very likely you’ll pause in your steps and gawk up at the brilliant show time after time.

This display of lights make up a part of what has been dubbed ‘The Fremont Street Experience’, and that’s a very apt name because every night is an experience, with all the music, beautiful displays and whatnot.

And if you get tired of looking up, down below are street performers and entertainment acts that keep the experience fresh and fun.

Since Fremont Street is just a hop, skip and jump away from the Las Vegas Strip, you can easily jump from one entertainment spot to another.

The Strip and Fremont Street are both excellent places to visit, but what about the rest of the attractions in Las Vegas that are off the beaten path? Why not call us up, we're Roux Luxury Travel, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and and see why we’re one of the best travel agencies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We have many Las Vegas attraction ideas for you.

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