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10 Food Items to Bring With You While Traveling

As a travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we travel a lot. After all, we need to know where the great hotels and sightseeing spots are to recommend to our customers. So you can imagine how much time is spent in airports and it's often that we see travelers grabbing snacks from airport stores that are full of sugar and carbs, which eventually lead to more hunger.

That's why we wanted to write a blog with some healthy snack ideas that you can bring with you from home so that you don't get that grumbling tummy or sugar crash halfway to your destination.

Let’s think outside the “granola bar box” and really enjoy some vacation worthy snacks. Remember, a little advance planning equals a joyful trip.

Here is a partial list of food possibilities to get your creative juices flowing. To save you embarrassment and waste of food, please note the cautions following the list. And being thoughtful of fellow passengers means no strong smelling or messy foods either:

  • Muffins. Great choice for breakfast on early flights and satisfies your sweet tooth later in the day.
  • Peeled hard-boiled egg
  • Cut up veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, radishes, cherry tomatoes
  • Fruit such as pre-cut apple slices, orange segments, grapes. Nothing too juicy or watery
  • Uncured lunch meat slices spread with cream cheese or relish and rolled up
  • Variety of cheese slices. Some lower sodium options are Mozzarella, Swiss and Monterey Jack.
  • Pretzels and nut butter
  • *Favorite chocolate bar(at least 70% cocoa)

And to make your complimentary beverages a little more special:

  • Lemon slices
  • Favorite sweetener such as Stevia or Truvia* packs
  • Favorite herbal tea bags

Be mindful that the 3.4 oz limit on liquids applies to gels as well. Save the jello for home. Also, on the list of food no no’s to take through airport security is jams, jellies and creamy dips.

And finally, how best to pack our delicious feast. TSA says all acceptable foods must be whole and natural, or in a container or otherwise wrapped. No loose carrot sticks floating around in your bag! As a suggestion pack each of your snacks individually in a clear zip lock bag and then put them all together in a gallon zip lock bag. Stow them in an outside compartment of your carry on. Convenient to grab before stowing your bag in the overhead compartment.

Now, stop stressing and get to dreaming about that vacation. With a minimum of pre planning you can enjoy eating healthy and arrive at your destination ready to roll. If you're still in need of some "vacation" prep and don't know where you want to go, please give us a call. As a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we're here to book the trip of a lifetime for you.

 Start Planning Your Next Vacation!

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