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Top Mardi Gras Celebrations Around The World

It’s Mardi Gras week, and while you’re probably too late to get in the action at the world’s best celebrations this year, it’s not too early to start planning for next year.  That’s especially true in these cities, which elevate the parades and festivities to an art form.

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6 Travel Tips for Americans Travelling to Alberta

vacation, holiday February 27, 2020

Alberta is a great place to go if you are an outdoor person and is just north of Montana. It is home to the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains and is the largest province in Canada. If you want to go biking, hiking, fishing, skiing, and snowboarding on your vacation, then Alberta is the place for you. Roux Luxury can handle your travel plans to Alberta and make sure that you get there stress-free and in good spirits. For your visit to Alberta, keep the following tips in mind.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

vacation, holiday February 26, 2020

When people visit Jamaica, they visit it for its beautiful mountains, rain forests, coral reefs, and beaches. Jamaica is also known as the birthplace of Reggae and has a vibrant personality bursting with African charm. Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the company that you should contact about your travel to Jamaica but before then, here are some of the best places to see when you go on your trip to Jamaica.

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Groundbreaking Presidential Travels

For more than a century, the U.S. president didn’t step foot outside the country’s borders. The first presidential foreign trip came in 1906, when Teddy Roosevelt went to Panama to inspect construction of the canal. Since then, presidents have traveled to dozens of countries the world over while in office or as president-elect. In honor of Presidents’ Day, we look at some of the most groundbreaking travels presidents have undertaken.

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5 Great Places to Visit in Poland

vacation, vacation planning February 18, 2020

Poland is a luxury destination on many people’s bucket lists and Roux Luxury Travel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can help you tick it off. From the medieval old towns to the cobbled market places and tall church spires. If you’re wondering which Polish city to see, we’ve got you covered. This post is a list of some of the best places that you can see in Poland.

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