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Virtuoso Travel Week Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for travelers. No, it’s not the holiday season, although that is fast approaching and if you haven’t started planning your festive travel, you need to get on it now. It’s Virtuoso Travel Week, the week your trusted advisors head to Las Vegas to meet with thousands of hoteliers, tour operators, cruise lines, on-site, airlines and tourism boards from all over the world. 

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2 Top Argentine Wineries You Should Visit

wine destinations, travel agency in baton rouge louisiana, vacation planning August 6, 2019

When someone mentions Argentina, words like ‘red meat’, ‘gauchos’ and ‘tango’ all popup, but one phrase is repeated more than all others: red wine. That’s why Roux Luxury Travels brings in wine lovers from every continent-except maybe Antarctica-to Argentina. It’s a beautiful country, but we primarily book vacations there because it’s a rich wine country.

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The Top 2 Attractions to See in the Moselle Valley, Germany

vacation planning August 2, 2019

With mighty mountains, a deep placid river and endless rolling hills, Moselle Valley is just one more place in Germany that screams scenic beauty. It caught Roux Luxury Travel’s attention primarily because it’s a region known for producing the finest Rieslings in the entire world.

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Fall Getaway in The Balkans

After decades of Communist rule and civil unrest, the Balkans have gained steadily in popularity in recent years. Coastal cities such as Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia, and Kotor, Montenegro, are crowd-pleasing ports on Adriatic cruises out of Venice. The interior has remained a secret but is beginning to emerge as a destination as well, and with good reason. Virtuoso-preferred on-site partner Leonidas Travel, which operates in the Balkans and Venice, has put together the perfect autumn getaway, and it’s so enticing we’re counting the days until the first leaf changes color.

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3 Tips for Planning Your Vacation to La Rioja, Spain

wine destinations, vacation, vacation planning, wineries in spain July 31, 2019

People dubbed this place ‘wine paradise’ because, frankly speaking, La Rioja is a paradise for wine lovers. That’s just one reason why, as a full service travel agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who specializes in international wine tour planning, we've been keeping tabs on it.

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