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Top Ski Getaway Ideas

Luxury Travel September 19, 2017

They can’t all be bluebird days, but thanks to the great partners in the Virtuoso network, you’ll feel as cozy as an après-ski hot toddy by the fire on your next ski vacation. Domestic or international, there’s no shortage of options for hitting the slopes. Basically anywhere that has mountains and snow works -- or, as with Ski Dubai, you can just make your own. Of course, some experiences are better than others. These getaways will have you tearing fresh lines in the pow-pow with no worries.

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Our Top Fall Getaway Ideas

Luxury Travel September 7, 2017

Kids are back in school, and though it’s technically a couple more weeks to the equinox, let’s face it: Summer is over. While you may be shunned from polite society for wearing white now, you can absolutely take advantage of the travel values shoulder season brings. With smaller crowds, nicer weather and lower prices, fall isn’t just for football and pumpkin spice everything. It’s a great time to take a trip. Here are a few fall getaway ideas where you can maximize beauty and budget in the autumn.

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Why You Should Book Your Holiday Getaway Now

Luxury Travel September 5, 2017

Sweating through another hot day longing for a cold drink in your favorite giant unicorn floatie, you may not have given much thought to your travel plans for the holiday season. There’s plenty of time for that, right? WRONG! Make no mistake, winter is coming. Before you know it, the leaves will be changing colors. Soon after, you’ll be looking back wistfully at those long summer days. If you start trying to plan a trip then, you could be frozen out.

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Read This Before You Book Your Next Vacation Villa

Luxury Travel August 31, 2017

Luxury vacation rentals are a hot trend in travel. It seems everyone I know wants to rent a villa for their vacation instead of staying in a hotel. And it makes sense. Villas offer more privacy, the option to cook and make coffee in your own kitchen (although I personally prefer room service, LOL), and more space, especially when traveling with family.

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Virtuoso Travel Week Report

Luxury Travel August 29, 2017

The theme was “Travel Unites,” and that ethos was exemplified in the variety of religious symbols and cultural dress on display. While “Travel Unites” certainly means supporting the people in some of our favorite places when tragedy befalls them, it’s also about making personal connections with those you might on the surface have nothing in common with.

Your experience could be exploring Jerusalem and sites holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims. It could be spending a day in a Maasai village and realizing that for all your differences, you and your hosts have the same basic needs and desires. Or it could be making a landing in Antarctica with a group of strangers you are now forever bonded to because you have done. For one week every August, what happens in Vegas goes worldwide. It’s Virtuoso Travel Week, when travel advisors and preferred partners from across the globe converge. This year, 5,693 from 103 countries gathered to learn and share the latest innovations in travel in order to make your next vacation the best yet.

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Palazzo Seneca in Umbria is Virtuoso's Best of the Best

Luxury Travel August 24, 2017

I’d like to introduce you to Virtuoso’s Hotel of the Year – Palazzo Seneca in Norcia, Italy, in the region of Umbria.

Why is this hotel special?

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The Top 5 Zika-free Honeymoon Destinations

Luxury Travel August 21, 2017

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Friends and family come together to celebrate love, have a feast and dance late into the night. But if you’re the bride or groom, just making it to your big day involves a lot of planning and stress. You have to pare down that guest list and make sure you’re having the right people sit together for dinner. All those little touches throughout the night that wow your guests don’t just happen. There’s a lot of work that goes into it.

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Virtuoso Travel Guide to the Top Dive Locations Around the World

Adventure Travel August 10, 2017

Considering oceans cover more than two-thirds of Earth’s surface, there’s no shortage of excellent places to go diving. So any list of the “best” spots is sure to missing a few. They’re like children, it’s hard to pick a favorite. At the risk of leaving off your No. 1, here’s a sampling of top dive locations around the globe to explore the wonders of the deep in style.

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How to Make Your Next Vacation Unforgettable

Luxury Travel August 8, 2017

What do you value?

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Which Hawaiian Island is Best for Your Next Vacation?

Luxury Travel August 3, 2017

It’s the only U.S. state in the tropics, the most remote island chain in the world and actually made up of more than 100 islands. You can go SCUBA diving well below sea level and go to the top of what is technically the world’s tallest mountain (though most of it is underwater). There are great beaches and great golf courses everywhere, and the weather is just about perfect year-round. No matter how you slice it, Hawaii is pretty awesome. But which island is best for you? Off the eight main islands, Kaho‘olawe is uninhabited, Ni‘ihau is off limits non-Native Hawaiians and Moloka‘i has limited options for accommodations. That leaves five islands that vacationers commonly seek out, each with something unique in store.

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