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Our Top Trips for Foodies

Culinary Travel November 21, 2017

It’s Thanksgiving week, time to stuff your face with abandon and enjoy all your favorite foods. While 2017 has been a tough year for travel in a lot of ways, especially hurricane season, there is plenty to be thankful for, such as the lifting of the laptop ban on certain flights. One of the best things about travel is sampling foods from all over the globe and experiencing different flavors, smells and atmosphere throughout the culinary world.

Sometimes you find amazing dishes in unexpected places, like on Celebrated Experiences’ Dublin food walking tour, featuring traditional and contemporary fare from a range of bakeries, food halls and cheesemongers. Wherever you go, there’s always a new taste to be discovered, and below is a rundown of some of the best Virtuoso-preferred companies for going around the world in 180 plates.

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Unique Accommodations Around the World

Luxury Travel November 16, 2017

Sure, the top suite at a hotel is glamorous. But it still has four walls and a ceiling, just like every other room you’ve stayed in, right? Unless you’re watching fish and rays swim by in one of the underwater suites at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai or the Underwater Room at Manta Resort on Tanzania’s Pemba Island, that is. Maybe you have a pretty state-of-the-art aquarium at home and that’s still a little too domestic for you. No worries, there are plenty of unique accommodations that can take you out of your comfort zone while still making you feel warm and cozy.

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Take Your Next Vacation Rental to the Next Level with Virtuoso

Villa Rentals November 9, 2017

Taking the whole family on a beach vacation this summer? Want an apartment in the big city for a long weekend? Why, you’ll need to book an Airbnb rental for that, right? Sure, if you want to run the risk of being secretly filmed by your host, as one couple recently discovered was happening to them at a Longboat Key, Fla., rental. Or if you’re OK with the possibility that your host might cancel your booking at the last minute for no reason or because of your race, as occurred in February with a Big Bear, Calif., rental. Or if you don’t mind that the place you’re renting might not have the proper insurance, safety measures or even be legally available for short-term vacation rentals.

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Our Favorite Spooky Destinations Around the World

Luxury Travel October 31, 2017

Perhaps you’re a skeptic and don’t put any stock in ghost stories. At least from the comfort of your own home. But when you’re out on a crisp night and a chill wind blows through you, is there maybe a second of doubt that crawls up from the ancient parts of your brain and puts you on high alert? If you’re into that sort of thrill, you might want to put these haunted cities on your bucket list.

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Top Chocolate Tours Around the World

Culinary Travel October 26, 2017

It has to share the Halloween spotlight with costumes, ghost stories and apple-bobbing, but everybody’s favorite sweet treat gets all the attention on Oct. 28, National Chocolate Day. What better way to celebrate than curl up with a glass of hot cocoa and plan a chocolate-themed getaway? Virtuoso-preferred suppliers have some great tours that offer a taste of the sweet life. Here are a few of our top chocolate tours around the world.

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Top Vacations for Beer Lovers

Culinary Travel October 24, 2017

So beer isn’t exactly a new thing. In fact, several of the oldest known recipes discovered around the world are for beer. The Roman historian Tacitus even made special mention of a fermented drink made from barley or other grain in his cultural survey of Germanic tribes. It’s been a staple in many cultures for a long time. But while the latter half of the 20th century was dominated by large breweries taking advantage of mass-marketing, the new millennium is all about craft and microbrews. Some destinations have been in on the act for a while, and others are just getting started. Here’s a sampler of some of the top vacations for beer loversl

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Top 5 Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Italy

Italy October 11, 2017

Italy is a favorite with many travelers, and it's easy to see why. With its great food, wine and scenery, Italy offers a taste of la dolce vita. Here is our list of the top 5 places to visit on your first trip to Italy.

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The Best Vacation Ideas for Animal Lovers

Adventure Travel October 5, 2017

Yesterday (October 4)  was World Animal Day. The holiday is marked in different ways around the world, but in each locale it’s dedicated to improving animal welfare standards. Roux Luxury Travel is lucky enough to have great partners committed to conservation and sustainable tourism. They are also devoted to allowing travelers to see some truly majestic creatures in their natural environments. Though there are too many awesome itineraries to list, here are a few favorites.

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River Cruising on 5 Continents

River Cruises September 21, 2017

As river cruises have exploded in popularity in recent years, more and more ships have hit the water and more companies have entered the market. It’s a great way to get around to several destinations on the same trip without having to figure out transportation and hauling luggage around. Plus, there are a lot of inclusions, from excursions to meals and even drinks in a lot of cases. Typically, when people think of river cruises, they think of Europe. There are certainly a lot of great itineraries there, but it’s important to note that Virtuoso-preferred lines are operating river cruises on five continents. All those options can be overwhelming, so let’s break it down.

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Top Ski Getaway Ideas

Luxury Travel September 19, 2017

They can’t all be bluebird days, but thanks to the great partners in the Virtuoso network, you’ll feel as cozy as an après-ski hot toddy by the fire on your next ski vacation. Domestic or international, there’s no shortage of options for hitting the slopes. Basically anywhere that has mountains and snow works -- or, as with Ski Dubai, you can just make your own. Of course, some experiences are better than others. These getaways will have you tearing fresh lines in the pow-pow with no worries.

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